What Shapewear Should You Wear Under a Wedding Dress

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Shapewear under wedding dress
Congratulations on your upcoming big day! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but don't worry - I'm here to guide you through one of the most important decisions for any bride-to-be: what kind of shapewear to wear under your wedding dress.

First and foremost, it's important to understand that every body is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to wedding shapewear. The key is finding the right fit and style for your specific body type and dress.

High-waisted Shaping Shorts

If you have a form-fitting dress that hugs your curves, opt for high-waisted shaping shorts or a slip to create a smooth silhouette without any visible lines.

These types of shapewear are also great for slimming down love handles or tummy bulges.

High-waisted Shaping Shorts

First and foremost, high-waisted shaping shorts provide unparalleled support and comfort. On your wedding day, you'll likely spend hours on your feet dancing, taking pictures and greeting guests. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or restricted by your innerwear choice. High-waisted shaping shorts offer targeted compression that smoothens out any lumps or bumps while still allowing for ease of movement.

Another factor that makes these shaping shorts perfect for wedding dresses is their ability to create a seamless silhouette. Let's face it; most of us don't have "picture-perfect" bodies (and that's okay!), but on our big day we want to look nothing short of impeccable in our dream dress. That's where high-waisted shaping shorts come in - they provide gentle control around the waistline without feeling too tight or restrictive like shapewear with boning often does.

These magical shorts also eliminate visible panty lines when wearing form-fitting gowns made from clingy fabrics such as silk or satin. Say goodbye to any awkward pantylines showing up in photos - no Photoshop needed!

Shaping Bodysuit

For fuller-figured brides, consider looking into a bodysuit with built-in support in all the right places.

This will not only provide control and contouring but also give extra lift and support where needed. Look for styles with convertible straps so you can customize accordingly based on the design of your dress.

Shaping bodysuits are beneficial for all body types as they help to smooth out any unwanted bumps or bulges and create a more streamlined appearance under your wedding dress.

But why specifically choose a shaping bodysuit over other forms of shapewear? Well, not only does it provide support and compression for your stomach, waist, hips and thighs - but its full-body coverage ensures a seamless look from top to bottom. This eliminates any risk of visible lines showing through your dress which can easily ruin an otherwise perfect bridal look.

High-waisted briefs or control panties

On the other hand, if you have chosen an A-line or ballgown-style dress, you may want to focus on minimizing any additional bulk around your waistline. Stick with high-waisted briefs or control panties that will target this area specifically while still allowing some room for movement in the hips.

High-waisted briefs or control panties

Consider material

Another factor to consider is material - make sure to choose lightweight fabrics that won't add unnecessary heat under layers of tulle or satin. Breathable options such as cotton blends are ideal as they will keep you comfortable throughout the entire day (and night) without sacrificing shape-enhancing features.

Lastly, don't forget about comfort! It goes without saying that weddings are long events filled with dancing, mingling and lots of walking around. Make sure whatever shapewear option you choose allows enough freedom for movement so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest.


In conclusion, finding the perfect shapewear for your wedding dress is all about understanding your body type and choosing the right style and material. Don't be afraid to try on a few different options before making a decision - after all, the right shapewear can make all the difference in how you look and feel on your big day. Wishing you nothing but love and happiness on this journey towards becoming Mrs!
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